THE FINE PRINT: Our Client’s safety and well being is our highest priority. Each Gofetch&Barkalott guide is certified by the American Red Cross in Animal First Aid and CPR. The Client’s physical and emotional condition is monitored at ALL times. Not all dogs function well in a cooperative group dynamic. Clients showing duress, anxiety or aggression will be expelled for the benefit of their own well- being. Group size is limited to 8 Clients.All Clients must be spayed or neutered and with current vaccinations. Excursion rates are $95.00 per dog, per day. Due to the very limited size of our groups we cannot offer a multiple dog discount. We are pleased as punch, however, to offer a five excursion package @ $450.00.Excursions require a reservation and are subject to availability.


       Just as with their human family members, the Gofetch&Barkalott customer showers their pets with trust, love, affection and education. We offer the same standards for their canine family members while in our care. We are committed to providing an opportunity for their dogs to spend the day in an outdoor setting. We pick them up in the morning and bring them home safely in the evening. The dogs spend their time at Gofetch&Barkalott  hiking, running, walking, swimming and playing fetch. They experience total interaction with our excursion guides. They also enjoy time with their fellow dog buddies in our limited size groups.

     Our customers come to us because we believe that dogs require emotional health in addition to physical health. The dogs aren’t deposited in a large room with forty other dogs, left to their own devices.  Our customers don’t select services from a menu full of add on costs. The entire menu is our care. Our canine clients are within human reach at all times. We talk to our clients. We touch our clients. We engage our clients.

      At Gofetch&Barkalott we are in the business of improving our  client’s lives through  physical activity, engaging interaction and plenty of trust, love, affection and education. Our customer’s dogs are not merely clients, they are also members of our family.