Force-free Training

What is force free training?

         It’s simple. The training is based on a successful loving relationship with your dog. We believe that dogs learn more from love than they do from fear. Most training techniques are rooted in fear. Pack leaders, shock collars, choke chains, jerking leashes, spray bottles and cans full of pennies all are meant to intimidate the dogs. We prefer positive reinforcement and big love hugs.
         Communication and positive reinforcement are the keys to stopping unacceptable behavior and creating a loving, well mannered dog. As much as we would like to believe that our dogs think like we do, they have very different cognitive abilities and communication skills. Not better or worse, just different. There is no need to physically dominate or use any sort of physical force or fear to train your dog.
         Brian Willis, of Gofetch&Barkalott, teaches force-free training techniques in many homes. His private lessons afford you the opportunity to have a highly focused learning experience. Let’s face it, you will learn just as much as your dog. You will learn to create a loving partnership with your dog, instead of a master/servant relationship, by using at-play relationship based training techniques. These techniques were pioneered by the wildlife trainers at SeaWorld Adventure Parks. How do you teach a Killer Whale to jump through hoops? With a choke chain?    BTW - We think Orca whales belong in the ocean, not a swimming pool.
         By using a psychological approach you can establish proper roles, acceptable and un-acceptable behavior all with love and understanding. Training your dog will actually create a solid mutually beneficial relationship based upon respect, trust and  affection.

         It is worth mentioning that Brian’s techniques also work on kids!